Hello, I’m Shaun

I enjoy building high-quality, cohesive, and scalable products, and love approaching problems with a results-oriented mindset. Having had the pleasure of working with great teams to deliver product roadmaps, prototypes, key metrics, and user-friendly websites, has led me to want to undertake roles where I can impact and grow, small to medium sized companies.

I have experience working with e-commerce websites for over ten years (largely around tourism and travel), with a track record of increasing website traffic and revenue. This work, and others, has been met with success, as I maintain a customer-focused viewpoint at every stage.

Outside of work, I am a creator in the augmented reality space for a company I collaborated to create, Uplevel Technologies. I also helped grow and scale Facebook’s platform, Spark AR Studio ecosystem, through partnerships that took me to places around the world to educate and engage with top creators.

I love meeting new people and connecting with like-minded individuals. Please feel free to reach out if you feel like discussing new product ideas, emerging technologies, and photography!