Recent Projects

Alcatraz Cruises Website Redesign

AlcatrazĀ  Cruises is a B2C / B2B company that offers tours to-and-from Alcatraz Island.

-Cleaner UI and UX for Alcatraz Cruises
-Information infrastructure restructure
-SEO Optimization

Key Metrics:
-Boosting organic traffic by 23% YOY
-Increasing revenue by 10% YOY


Niagara Cruises Website Redesign

Niagara Cruises is a B2C / B2B company that offers tours to-and-from Niagara Falls.

-Cleaner UI and UX for Niagara Cruises
-New e-commerce platform integration
-Payment system integration
-Information infrastructure restructure
-SEO Optimization
-Localization integration

Key Metrics:
-Steps to convert went from 5 to 2
-Increasing revenue by 21% YOY


NYC Ferry

NYC Ferry Website

NYC Ferry provides New Yorkers a dependable way to commute and connect in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx along the East River.

-New UI and UX for NYC Ferry
-Provided route scheduling
-Implemented Bytemark sign-up ticketing
-SEO Optimization

Key Metrics:
-Reduced customer service calls related to scheduling and ticketing by 40%


Niagara Cruises Partner Portal

Niagara Cruises is a B2C / B2B company that offers tours to-and-from Niagara Falls.

-Portal to allow for tour operators to book
-Tiered level pricing
-Dashboard to manage bookings

Key Metrics:
-Removed overhead on manual billing
-Increase in tour operator bookings by 8%




Hornblower’s Customer WiFi Integration

Setup wifi hotspots with portal login integration

-Wifi for customers on all boats
-Setup portal to extract name and email for marketers
-Integration from portal to Pardot / Marketo

Key Metrics:
-Boost in marketing B2C leads by 10%


Hornblower’s CD / CI Integration

Migration of 12 company websites from Rackspace to AWS.

-Leveraged SaltStack to control the orchestration and configuration of building high availability servers on the fly.
-Setup VPC to protect development, staging, and production environments
-Integrated log management with Papertrail
-Integrated monitoring management
-Setup Travis CI for continuous integration of code

Key Metrics:
-Increased development productivity by 50%


Hornblower’s USI to WorldApp Integration

Setup post-cruise surveys, connecting USI’s e-commerce platform to Key Survey’s platform

-Integrated surveys from seven different ports sending them to receive surveys based on type of cruise
-Setup email reminders
-Utilized API to extract additional data for surveys
-Created an automated system for consistent feedback

Key Metrics:
-Gathered user insights on improving products
-Provided user input for executives on direction of company
-Provided directors with feedback on quality of staff to create internal reward system


Side Projects

Facebook / Instagram AR Effect Creator

Official Facebook AR Partner

-Building of 13+ effects on Instagram
-Created content focused around AR to attract users
-Grow and scale IG ecosystem through partnerships that took me to places around the world to educate and engage with top creators

Key Metrics:
-Increased followership by 1000%
-Increased engagement by 300%


Uplevel Technologies

UpLevel Technologies is a full service Augmented Reality creative studio located in San Francisco with a global influencer collective.

-Creating IG effects for top creators
-Creating IG effects for high end brands
-Creating 3D modeling, laser, and photogrammetry for products

Key Metrics:
-Worked with big brands with budgets of 4-to-5 figures